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25 design ideas to create a unique logo for your brand – Part 1


We have compiled, from separate sources, 25 design ideas to create a unique logo for your brand.

3d And Isometric Logo Designs

We’re Living In A 3d World. So Why On Earth Should You Stick To A Flat Design? Isometric Design—The Latest Design Trend—Gives You The Best Of Both: A 3d Design In Which there Are No Converging Perspective Lines. Kind Of Like Flat Design And 3d Design Having A Baby.

So Let’s Get You Ahead Of The Curve So You Can Be The First On Your Block To Have This Dynamic Technique At Your Disposal. Put On Your 3d Glasses, Grab A Bag Of Popcorn And Get Ready To Bob And Weave, Because The Ins And Outs Of Isometric Design Are Coming Your Way.


Use Visual Metaphors.

If You’re Anything Like Me, When You Head Someone Spout This Phrase, You Rolled Your Eyes And Started To Imagine What The Espouser’s Box Would Look Like In A Box, À La Se7en.

But, Annoyingly, These Management-Speak Types Might Be On To Something. Thinking Outside The Box Might Actually Make Us More Creative, According To The Latest Research Into Visual Metaphors And Their Influence On How We Think And Feel.


Logos In Ink Style

Show Off Your Brand’s Personality With A Custom Ink Logo Designed Just For You By A Professional Designer.

Need Ideas? We’ve Collected Some Amazing Examples Of Ink Logos From Our Global Community Of Designers. Get Inspired And Start Planning The Perfect Ink Logo Design Today.


Wordmark Logo Design

Are You A Small Business Owner Who Has A No-Fuss, No-Frills Approach? If Glitz And Glam Aren’t Your Thing, Then You’re In Luck! We Found The Perfect Type Of Logo For You: Wordmarks.

Wordmark Logos Are A Timeless Representative For Companies Across Industries, Regardless If You’re In Tech, Fashion, Real Estate, Food, Or In A Niche So Specialized There’s No Word To Describe You.


Nature-Inspired Logo Design

Any Design Influenced By Nature Or Are Organic Falls Under The Category Of “Influenced By Nature”. Trees, Animals, Mountains And Birds Are All Part Of Nature And Are Effectively Used By Designers To Make Some Great Logos. Man Made Designs Such As Paintings And Ink Droplets Too Form Nature Influenced Designs. Leaf, Trees, Mountains, Animals, Stars And Galaxies All Can Be Categorized Under Nature Influenced Designs.

Since Nature Influenced Or Organic Designs Do Not Have Negative Connotations, Designers And Brands Use It To Attract Customers To Tell Them That The Product Does Not Have Any Negative Side Effects. Designers Use Nature Influenced Shapes In Bio And Eco-Friendly Brands Or Products. Complex Systems Of Creative Process Can Sometimes Be Depicted Through Nature Influenced Designs.



We hope that these ideas have helped your marketing efforts

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