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25 design ideas to create a unique logo for your brand – Part 2


We have compiled, from separate sources, 25 design ideas to create a unique logo for your brand.

Classic Black & White Logo Design

Whether you’re creating a new brand or looking to reinvigorate what you already have, finding the right logo is essential. From carefully curated logo fonts to perfectly picked graphics, your logo tells current and future customers who you are and what you’re all about.

Whether it’s bold and beautiful or relaxed and refined, a logo can be many things. And one of the most important aspects of a logo is its color—or lack thereof. The hues you use should be chosen wisely, as they enhance the overall appearance of a logo. Many successful logos are supported by the vivid colors they flaunt—Coca Cola, McDonald’s and Nickelodeon, for instance. But some logos don’t need vibrant color in order to make a statement. Enter black and white: the classic way to make your logo relatable, accessible and ridiculously versatile.

Vivid Colors In Logo Design

The world as we see it, is populated by colors. Every day we see brands and businesses using colors to define their identity (for example, the famous “yellow M” of a multinational fast-food chain). Although logos are traditionally made with minimal colors, the shift towards full color is unmistakable.

In fact, a recently published article by Logo Lounge states that, for many years logos have been designed with one or two colors and recently designers have begun to look at the actual surface of the shapes as an entirely new canvas and the use of color is unrestrained. The article goes on to say that, rainbow-like color is often used to represent the concept of a full spectrum, more choices, or additional capabilities. In this compilation we present to you a selection of colorful and vivid logos that are fresh, inspiring and push creative boundaries.–vector-3715

Create a GIF version of your logo.

Remember short GIF animations with memes or ads that attract attention on social media and websites? Do you know that they can be used not only for entertainment but also for brand promotion? This article tells you how to do it. You’ll learn how to turn your logo into a GIF using Photoshop and use animation effectively.

Why Do You Need A GIF Logo

Animated identity attracts the audience’s attention faster and allows you to convey more information than a traditional logo. Let us tell you more about the tasks it performs.

Character & Mascot in Logo Design

A mascot is defined as an illustrated character that represents a business. You can think of a mascot as the spokesperson or brand ambassador. What your mascot actually is completely depends on you and the message you want to send to your audience. Some businesses elect to go with mythical creatures and abstract figures, while others choose an animated version of a person (think of the Wendy’s logo) to speak for their brand.

What sets a mascot apart from other types of logos is that it’s a living character that represents a business. It helps give your business a personality and humanizes your brand.

Glitch in Logo Design

Velcro, popsicles and fermentation all have something in common: they’re products of happy accidents. The same goes for glitch art: an unintentional distortion made by a digital crash has led to an entire, mind-bending sub-genre of graphic design.

Glitch art is a great opportunity for brands. Not only is the form visually stunning, the inherent provocative nature of glitch art creates a memorable image behind a product. Although this DIY-focused, haphazard-looking art form seems to operate without guidelines, it’s important to understand where it all came from and ways to begin if you’re new to working with glitches.


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