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5 Ways To Sustain The Users
On Your Page – Part-2


We have compiled, from separate sources, 5 Ways To Sustain The Users On Your Page – Part-2.

[1]Incorporate Video

Text-based content is all well and good, but video can attract more visitors and keep them engaged. Here are some ways to use video to get more website traffic:

  • Embed videos into your blog posts so they can appear in video search results
  • Do YouTube SEO to rank higher on YouTube, then add links to your website in the video description.
  • Add call to action buttons directly in your video that send people to your site.

Have A Resource Center

Videos and blog posts aren’t the only types of content you should be creating to educate your audience and build trust. Don’t forget about infographics, downloadable guides, templates, webinars, and more. As you create these lead magnets and use them elsewhere on the web, collect them on a resources page. A library of multimedia content is sure to attract visitors who will return to your site again and again.

Target Keywords

Keywords are the words and phrases people type into search engines, and as you can imagine, some keywords get searched more than others. Using keyword research tools, you can see, for example, that the keyword “how to increase website engagement” only gets about 10 searches per month while how to increase website traffic gets 300 searches.

Segment Key Information With Bullet Points.

Bullet points will enable the user to quickly get all the information they want: benefits, ways you solve their problem, and key features of a product/service — all in a short amount of time. This will make your propositions more attractive and enable your user to get all the information they need. Additionally, you do not have to go the traditional route with a simple circle. With tons of cool icons out there, you can also get creative with your bullet and help the reader further with images that represent your point. Why do this? Because it forces you to isolate the most important points you’re trying to make without getting caught up in terminology or specifics. One great example of non-conventional bullets comes from On this page, they use icons as bullets to highlight their accomplishments in a way that is easy to read. Also, notice the white space surrounding the bullets that allow you to focus on each section.

Include Well-Designed And Written Headings.

Your headings and content should be driven by what your potential customers are looking for. Including keywords in your title is also very important for targeting your message and attracting the right audience.

Search engines typically give headings more weight over other content, so choosing the right heading and making it stand out can significantly improve your search ability. But more importantly, headings guide your user through the site, making it easy to scan through and find content that speaks to them directly.


We hope that these ideas have helped your marketing efforts

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