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Benefits of Fully Managed
WordPress Website Hosting

Benefits of Fully Managed WordPress Hosting


WordPress hosting is a huge business and, for WordPress users, a huge burden. For this reason, we compiled this document from across the internet, so our readers can get a wider understanding of the benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting.

Managed WordPress Website Hosting

[1]Behind every successful website is a powerful hosting provider, and WordPress sites are no exception! If you want your website to have blazing-fast performance, rock-solid security, and stop causing you and your team headaches, you need to move it to a managed WordPress host.

What is managed WordPress website hosting?

Imagine a world where you don’t have to think about servers. A place where you can unravel yourself from the hassles of web hosting and focus your time on the things you’d rather be doing: designing sites for clients, developing custom WordPress themes, or growing your agency.

That’s what managed WordPress hosting allows you to do.

This type of web hosting is focused on WordPress sites (as you might’ve guessed from the name). That means everything a managed hosting company does is optimized for WordPress, the best content management system (CMS) in 2020. From the way they structure their servers to the people they hire for support, you can trust that a managed WordPress host is truly an expert in your site’s CMS.

On top of the hardware and WordPress-expertise, a managed host typically includes additional services and features designed to simplify the burden on-site owners. (That’s where the “managed” part comes into play.)

I’ll dive into those specific advantages in the next section, but at a high level, managed WordPress hosting is ideal for anyone building a business on WordPress (such as creative agencies, freelancers, or eCommerce owners) or anyone ready to free up their time by trusting in a reliable hosting partner. Managed WordPress hosting is a great solution for enterprise sites and in-house brands, too!

[2]Managed Website Hosting for Agencies

Be honest: Even agencies do not always have the expertise to manage a web server or dedicated server independently. Or the know-how is there, but the relevant people are fully occupied with customer projects. Technical expertise is a rare and expensive commodity in agencies. The responsibility for this hosting can be easily outsourced.

The advantages of the model:

Everything from one source: With a suitable platform, you can be much more efficient with your WordPress sites and work better with your clients. Finally, you seamlessly hand over the finished product to your customers.

Develop without risk: Use a free Account for agencies and WP professionals. Then you don’t have to pay upfront for new clients.

Handover: Hand over your project to your customer with a few clicks as soon as it can go online. You don’t have to write invoices, but you can remain an administrator if necessary.

Commission: Receive a lucrative commission for your hosting-recommendation.

If you have a web hosting partner you can trust at all times. You will work with them regularly. For one thing, you won’t have to look for a new hosting recommendation for your customers constantly. On the other hand, you work with a familiar interface and with a single account. You can even reuse existing projects with pre-configured plugins and themes.

All this saves you many hours per customer, especially at the beginning of the development. If you conclude maintenance contracts with your customers, your service packages can be calculated especially well. With a Managed hosting, you know more precisely what work is still to come and how long it will take.

Managed Website Hosting for Companies

Companies often find it difficult to assess the quality of web hosting offers. Especially when they cannot fall back on an internal IT department. Requirements analysis is also difficult: How much memory and storage space does the booked server need? How many CPU cores are allowed? And what do I do if suddenly many visitors storm my website? I will deal with these questions in the further course of this article. See also our article on Measures for high WordPress load.

There are four ways for companies to get help here:

Search for suitable freelancers for WordPress and WooCommerce. The WP community is a good place to start. See our Sources and references on the subject.

Even specialized agencies are deep enough in the subject. However, make sure that WordPress and WooCommerce are part of their core business. Ask for references, and contact them. Both systems are not just looked after on the side.

Interview befriended entrepreneurs: Do you put them on WordPress? Can they recommend a service provider or freelancer?

Use recommendation platforms like trusted shops to find out more about the service quality of a hoster.

The new web host of your choice should also offer you a non-binding test run with a Performance check offer. And help you with the migration from WordPress & WooCommerce. This is a great opportunity to assess the quality of the support team.

[3]Why You Should Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

Just because we separated people into three different groups above doesn’t mean it is always the right way to go. It would help if you did your research to make the right choice for your business. Perhaps you start with the DIY method and upgrade to managed hosting after you grow.

Or you could invest in managed hosting, to begin with, and focus all of your efforts on growing your business. There is no right or wrong path, but let us share why managed WordPress hosting can benefit you today.

1. You Get Superior Support

The number one reason you should choose managed WordPress hosting is superior support. Typically managed WordPress hosting providers only deal with the WordPress platform. This means they don’t mess with Drupal, Magento, or any other type of platform or software. Typically support teams that focus on one area will become experts in that area, even if they aren’t, to begin with!

The support team here at Kinsta are WordPress developers and Linux Engineers, contribute to WordPress Core and other open-source projects, and use WordPress daily. As a result, the expertise of our support department is second to none. Nothing is worse than launching a chat session and feeling like you know more than the person on the other end. This will never happen at Kinsta!

When Kinsta first began, we knew the industry was broken regarding how WordPress support is handled. This is why our team is structured completely differently. We don’t have separate levels or tiers. The support team member helps you be fully qualified to fix every type of problem, all the way to resolution. There is no bouncing around between different reps, as we think this is a huge waste of time. Everyone gets to chat to the same support team members that back our Fortune 500 and enterprise clients!

2. Optimized for High-Performance

The second reason to choose a managed WordPress hosting provider is that their environments are typically fine-tuned to work with WordPress.

If you go with a shared host or the DIY route, they will typically be on more barebone machines, and you will need to spend time installing software and optimizing to obtain the same speeds that a managed WordPress host offers out of the box. Or, in some cases, on a shared host, there won’t be anything you can do to achieve the speeds you need.

We took a poll on Twitter, and with over a hundred votes, 63% of people chose “performance/uptime” as the quality, they value most in a managed WordPress host.

3. Strategically Located Data Centers for Global Reach

Besides just server-level performance, managed WordPress hosting providers also typically have a larger infrastructure for global reach. Thanks to Google Cloud Platform, we have 24 different regions here at Kinsta from which you can choose to host your WordPress site. This includes locations across the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America. Strategically placing your site closer to your visitors and customers decrease network latency, TTFB, and ensure faster page load times.

4. Automatic Backups (Never Lose Your Data)

What would you do if you suddenly lost everything? You should always be prepared for the worst-case scenario, and this includes always having backups of your WordPress site. A quality managed WordPress hosting provider should always include automatic backups for no additional charge. With shared hosts, typically, backups are included, but in the higher-cost plans. And if you go the DIY route with a VPS, usually you have to set up your own backup system as well as VPS snapshots, which also cost extra.

5. One-Click Staging Environments

Testing, testing, testing. You can’t afford your website to go down, so you should always be testing new changes, plugins, PHP versions, and updates on a development site, not your production site! However, with most web-hosting providers, testing involves a complex and time-consuming process of copying your site locally, testing, and figuring out how to migrate the changes back. A lot of managed WordPress hosting providers include one-click staging environments specifically to make testing a breeze.


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