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CRM – Selling Online – eCommerce
– Articles Review August 2020

Here is an aggregate of articles related to CRM, Online Selling, and eCommerce for August 2020.

eCommerce – How to Sell Online Without An Ecommerce Site.

Because of COVID-19, businesses need an online selling presence. A shopping cart setup can be time-consuming, expensive, and take energy to manage. 

Here are some eCommerce alternatives to selling your goods or services online:

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Client Testimonials, and Their Importance.

With the abundance of competition, social media, and Google reviews, it is a must that you have client testimonials. Testimonials give prospective site visitors a comfort level when making a purchasing decision.

Testimonials and their purpose:

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CRM – Are Your Contacts Up-To-Date?

Whether you use CRM software or not, your contacts are the lifeline to your business. 

Here are some questions for you to consider:

  • When was the last time you looked through your contacts list?
  • Who have you called/contacted within the past 30 days?
  • Who have you not reached-out to over 90 days?

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Cloze CRM – Money Maker Feature List

Everyone writes boring feature lists or software evaluations, and if you have the time to read, they can be quite helpful. I decided that we needed to get to the point and tell you the top Money Making Features of Cloze.


What is Cloze?

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