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How to Overcome Fear of Cold Calling

Cold calling is the art of making a telephone call or visit to customers that you have never seen or spoken to before. Fear is natural when cold calling. 

Fear is common amongst new salespersons and entrepreneurs in general. The fear of contacting new customers has spawned numerous books, seminars, videos, audio tracks, all with differing techniques. Each of these techniques hopes to make it easier for the salesperson to succeed!

The primary source of the fear of cold calling is negativity. Rejection is the anticipated reaction of a cold call. This anticipation creates fear, a fear of failure. Then a salesperson equates fear with new prospects. You may not realize how this negatively affects your sales until you are stuck and cannot make a single call. 

“Eliminate the fear of Cold Calling.”

To eliminate the fear of cold calling, you first must have a positive attitude. Next, you have to accept, when cold calling, rejection is standard. When a prospect rejects your proposal, you must look at it positively. The prospective closes down the call so as not to waste your time! Now you can cross this prospect off of your list and move on to another opportunity!

After realigning your thinking and expectations, you need to reevaluate your goals. Since sales goals revolve around success, you must continually keep yourself motivated. You may consider hiring an experienced business coach to motivate you and to advise you on the importance of reaching prospective customers, regardless of past results. Without new prospects, you cannot achieve your sales goals.

“It’s not all about what you think.”

Lastly, you need to avoid judging what other people say about your business, products or services. When selling, it is not all about you think. You can overcome the fear of cold calling if you learn to take the negative comments as advice. Start writing down all of the rejections and see them positively and see how to turn these rejections into opportunities and apply them on your next call.


Don’t let the fear of cold calling negatively affect the growth of your sales. Just let go of the fear and remember that rejection is standard and not permanent. Remember that your next call may get you a new customer! Stay positive and focus on the end-game – Increasing Your Sales.

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Written by Nicholas Hughes