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Increase Your Business Visibility with
Your Existing Clients


We have curated these articles on the importance of connecting with your clients across multiple social media platforms. Remember that other companies are trying to find new clients, and if you are not willing to stay connected with your clients, they are eager to try to poach them.

[1]Making a profit is the aim of business, but there’s no profit if people do not know about your business. It’s all about increasing the visibility of your company. As a busy owner, you might quickly find yourself in a time and budget crunch with your marketing. In turn, you lose opportunities to grow your business.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to increase visibility for your business. You only need to be intelligent and selective in your marketing efforts, and you will quickly notice the positive impact of these small efforts.

Investing in small efforts to market your business can help you create a long-lasting relationship with your customers and create a loyal fan base for your products or services. A loyal following of customers will lead to lifelong sales and help you increase your company’s revenue in the future.

1. Create A Website

A website is the online identity of your business. In the age where the world is moving towards digital, it’s shocking to see how many companies still ignore having an online presence. Your customers expect you to have a digital presence where they can find more information about you and your products or services.

Creating your website establishes trust with your customers and adds credibility to your business. A website is available 24×7 and allows your customers to know more about you and your products anytime, anywhere.

In addition to a website, you can also encourage your website visitors to connect with you using an online appointment scheduling system directly. For example, when your business offers services, you can use a scheduling system for one-on-one appointments, group bookings (like booking for events, workshops, seminars or classes), reservations, rentals, or service appointment booking.

Integrate your schedule into your website (this too using a single line of code you can copy) instead of waiting for them to write you a lengthy email or leave you a message via your website.

2. [2]Email Newsletters

After you win over a new customer, your next goal is to become a fixture in their life. You want to be a constant presence, a household name, the first company they think of when they need your product or service. The best way to achieve that top-of-mind awareness is by sending them a regular email newsletter.

Whether or not they open and read it, the simple act of seeing your company’s name in their inbox once a month will keep you at the forefront of their minds. And, if they do take the time to read it, so much the better. The more you can provide them with content they need and want, the more of a connection they will feel with your brand.

3. Customer Loyalty Rewards

Everyone enjoys feeling like a VIP. By sending existing customers special “exclusive” email deals, you can let them know how much you value them – and at the same time encourage them to make another purchase. When a customer feels his business is appreciated and rewarded, he will be more likely to continue the relationship.

4. Small Business and Social Media

Studies have found that simply being around someone often enough makes them much more likely to feel they have a bond with you. Encourage your existing customers to connect with you on social media to take advantage of this idea. Incentivize it, promote it, nurture it.

5. Build a Customer Community

What’s better than creating a bond with an existing customer? Creating many bonds with an existing customer! Setting up your company’s social media pages to be more about community than commercial provides customers with the opportunity to interact with your brand in a way that promotes a real connection with other customers. When someone feels connected to others through your brand, their loyalty increases exponentially. As a bonus, so does their engagement, as they interact with other community members. Provide opportunities for them to share personal stories, pictures and even videos, and you’ll have a group of super-engaged fans on your hands.

6. Make Your Brand More Social

Identify the markets your brand caters to and build a sound social media marketing strategy around them.

Which markets does your brand cater to? Which are the ideal social media platforms for branding? Clearly define your target market and marketing channels. The social strategy you opt for will govern your brand’s reach across various social channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit, and Quora. Customize your brand copy based on the social platform to reach the maximum audience. Create multiple hashtags for each social platform. Ensure the posts are repeated adequately and integrate various channels for seamless results. Using these different brand visibility ideas helps you reach a larger audience through multiple platforms.

7. Highlight Your Unique Offerings

Underline the core competency of your offering.

What stands out in your brand? What is its unique selling proposition (USP)? How do you differentiate your brand from the others in its category? What are the strengths of your brand? The answer to these questions will help you highlight the core competency of your brand. This is one of the many ways to increase the brand visibility of your offering. Your brand’s identity thus created has to be coherent with the brand image that gets formed in the customer’s mind. Therefore, emphasizing your unique offerings more helps in exceptional visibility brand awareness strategy.

8. Use SEO to the Fullest

Place SEO keywords strategically in your campaigns.

Incorporate crucial keywords strategically within your brand copy to help in differentiating it from the vast ocean of relatable information. Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques help brands improve their chances of visibility. However, it is easier said than done.

So, how exactly does one create SEO-friendly brand copy that increases their brand visibility and brand awareness?


Also, there are a lot of tools that you can use that can help you build your brand across multiple social media channels. Finally, don’t let the competition steal your clients.

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Oh hi there!
It’s nice to meet you.
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