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Marketing – Review – August 2020

Here is a review all of our August 2020 Marketing Articles:

Have You Lost Touch With Your Clients/Customers? 

When you had visitors into your establishment, you could dialog with them, discuss their needs, and gage where they might be in the sales process. Today, because of COVID-19, it is difficult for small businesses to establish a one-to-one, face-to-face rapport with their customers. And small retail operations face a constant threat from companies like Amazon, who are eating into their profits through online sales.

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Marketing – It’s Your Business, Take Charge!

For a small business, it is easy to let days, weeks, or even years go by without making a marketing plan. Making statements like it’s too expensive, too complicated, or my marketing is by word-of-mouth are all excuses. As valid as they may be, these excuses avoid the inevitable need for writing a marketing/business plan. 

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Marketing – Expand Your Sales Channels

For most entrepreneurs, product diversification is where they invest. This approach can be very costly, and it leaves them with the same problem – marketing.

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Email Marketing – Building Your Email List

For effective email marketing, you will need to have a method of building your email list. Typically this is where you may reach out to online marketing guru’s and purchase systems, don’t. I have tried them all, and in my opinion, they are a waste of money.

Email Building is like anything successful in life. It takes a strategy, commitment, and follow through!

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Marketing – Positioning

It is so difficult for companies to take the time and differentiate themselves from their competitors. However, doing so will increase their revenue and will make happier clients too.

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Is Telemarketing Dead?

This question, Is Telemarketing Dead, resonates on many levels. Because of technology, the phone seems somehow out of place. Email, SMS, Social Media have, for the most part, replaced the telephone. 

So for sales, is the telephone out-moded? Can a salesperson still use the phone to generate leads?

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