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Website Optimization
– Free Online Website Development Tools
– August 2020 Articles

Here is an aggregate of articles written in August 2020 for website optimization and free online website development tools for your review.

Google Listing Optimization – Must-Have Tools!

Google listing optimization covers the following Google Website tools – Google My Business, Search Console, Google Merchant Center, PageSpeed Insights, Custom Search, and Google Analytics.

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Do You Have An FAQ Page? Why Not?

An FAQ page, Frequently Asked Questions, can be beneficial to your users, and it can answer questions before they become potential problems. Also, an FAQ page is an excellent marketing tool.

How To Get an FAQ Started

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Website Development – Online Tools – Part 2

I wanted to make another article about other tools that we use to manage our websites and website business.

Image And Vectors

Over the years, I have used many different photo sites, and

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Website Development – Free Online Tools

I thought it might be an interesting article to post some of my favorite online tools. I use these tools when building or maintaining websites.

Image Editor Pixlr is an excellent tool for quickly editing images.

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