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WordPress – 5 Membership Plugins to Consider

WordPress Membership Plugins:

Running a membership site using WordPress is both rewarding and very technically challenging. We have compiled this list of Membership Plugins for your review.

WordPress – 5 Membership Plugins to Consider

[1]Are you looking to transform your WordPress site into a fully functional membership site? Choosing the right WordPress membership plugin is crucial to creating a better platform.

A membership plugin is designed to help you create memberships and then give these members access to content.

But, how does this boost your bottom line?

A membership plugin makes it easy to:

  • Create email lists so that you can send your customers coupons or updates.
  • Share free content to create a loyal following.
  • Charge for access to members-only content

How to Choose a WordPress Membership Plugin for Your Site

With all of the WordPress membership plugins out there, how do you choose the right one for you?

There are 3 key areas to consider: ease of use, compatibility, and design and features. Let’s talk about each of those areas a little bit.

Ease of Use

When it comes to membership plugins, you have two options:

Purchase a Lightweight WordPress Membership Plugin

Many lightweight plugins are built to be fast and give you the basics you need. Many of these plugins also offer add-ons that you can install to extend the plugin’s functionality and get access to more features.

Purchase a Full-Featured WordPress Membership Plugin

With a full-featured plugin, your interface may be crowded, but you’ll have plenty of features at your fingertips.


It’s easy to take a WordPress membership plugin for a compatibility test drive. Test it on your local WordPress install.

If it’s compatible with your WordPress theme and plugins, you can install the production site’s plugin.

Design and Features

Do your customers want to check out using PayPal or Maybe you’d like to streamline your checkout process by offering multiple payment gateways?


MemberPress is one of the most popular WordPress membership plugins. It is also the easiest to use and the most robust when it comes to features.

Pros of MemberPress WordPress Membership Plugin

Easy to Setup – MemberPress makes it simple to set up a membership website with WordPress. It can automatically set up pricing, login, account, and thank you pages for your users. Adding membership plans is also very straightforward.

Content Access Control – MemberPress comes with powerful access control, which allows you to restrict access to any content, including posts, pages, categories, tags, files, etc.

Content Dripping – Content dripping allows you to show restricted content to members after a certain time. This is a handy feature for selling online courses or learning materials.

Integrations – MemberPress integrates with AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, and MadMimi email services. It also integrates with Amazon Web Services and BluBrry for podcast hosting.

Payment Gateways – MemberPress comes with built-in support for PayPal and Stripe payment gateways. The developer plan also adds support.

[3]Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro is a powerful membership plugin ideal for those looking to create feature-rich subscription websites.

One thing I particularly like about it is that it comes with its own dedicated WordPress theme. Sometimes themes don’t play nice with membership plugins out of the box, so this is a nice touch, especially since it’s available with their free plugin.

Paid Memberships Pro also allows you to create unlimited membership levels with flexible payment terms. You can choose a price, recurring billing cycle, membership term, and specify free or reduced-price trial periods.

To restrict content, Paid Memberships Pro adds a meta box to your posts/pages, allowing you to restrict them on an individual basis. Or, you can also choose to restrict whole categories.

And here’s another great thing Paid Memberships Pro:

It lets you display an excerpt of your restricted content to non-members. Why is this important? Because it still gives you a chance to rank in the SERPs, even if your content is restricted.

Paid Memberships Pro also allows for some interesting advertising options. For example, you can choose to display ads to some membership levels while hiding them for others. For example, you could only display ads to free membership tiers while hiding them from premium memberships.

Finally, the plugin also includes plenty of integrations with email marketing services and payment gateways. And if you need to tweak functionality yourself, Paid Membership Pro is 100% GPL, so you can customize its code as much as necessary.

Price: Free version available with paid plans from $297

[4]aMember Pro

aMember Pro is another featured-packed membership plugin designed to help you create any membership site you want. Keep in mind that it’s not a native WordPress membership plugin (which may cause some compatibility issues with your plugins and theme). And despite its somewhat dated interface, this solution makes it easy to create a fully functioning membership site.


  • Multi-Level Memberships — Create unlimited membership levels, add as many products as you want, and set dynamic prices for products and subscriptions for users to pick from.
  • Complete Member Management — Manage members in the easy-to-access admin panel. Add, edit, or delete customers and their subscriptions. View detailed reports and run batch operations, saving yourself tons of time and hassle.
  • Integrated Modules — Modules in aMember Pro include an email newsletter opt-in, a helpdesk, affiliate management, and a shopping cart, plus many more.
  • Automated Processes — Save time by automating customer signups. Set the product and payment gateways to offer during the initial sign-up and let aMember Pro do the rest.

And with aMember Pro, you’ll also get features like access to dozens of payment gateways, content dripping, and coupon codes. On top of that, it has 6 translations (German, Spanish, Greek, Russian, French, and Chinese) for both the admin interface and the frontend of your site.

Cost: The cost of aMember Pro is a one-time payment of $149.36 and can be used on as many sites as you want (some plugins restrict their usage to just one, so this is great for developers/freelancers).

[5]Teachable: Standalone Online Course Tool

Teachable is an all-in-one platform for creating and publishing beautiful online courses. It’s a standalone platform, so you can integrate your online courses into your existing website or host them on Teachable subdomain.

Teachable comes with a powerful editor that enables you to create and launch stunning sales pages to convert your visitors into paying users.

Below are a few features that set Teachable apart from its competitors.

  • Learning tools: Easily create quizzes and discussion forums on your Teachable site. You can also issue certificates of completion with rewarding your students.
  • Integrations: Import your content from Google Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive. You can connect your website with any online tools that support Zapier.
  • Marketing tools: To improve your sales, you can create coupon codes, affiliate programs, advanced pricing options, and more.
Restrict Content Pro: Freemium Club Membership Plugin

Restrict Content Pro is a light-weight WordPress membership plugin that lets you easily create a fully-featured membership site. Without bloat, it bundles the set of features you’ll need for your membership site as add-ons.

It is built by the same team behind the popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

The plugin offers many built-in payment integrations such as Stripe, Braintree, 2Checkout,, and PayPal. This WordPress membership plugin has a free version in the WordPress plugin repository that comes with limited features.

A few different ways to use Restrict Content Pro are:

  • Club memberships: Create a premium content library and provide access to members only.
  • Magazine subscriptions: Generate recurring payments by selling online magazine subscriptions to premium subscribers.
  • Private forums: Create private forums and limit access to private communities.
  • Member blogging: On a multi-site network, you can allow paid subscribers to create their own blogs.
  • And a lot more…

The plugin offers a lite version, and it comes with the ability to create custom user registration and login forms and limit access to content with a shortcode.

The premium pricing starts at $99 per year for a single site license.


Should you have any questions or need assistance installing a Membership Plugin on your WordPress website, please call today.

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